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Alberto Alberty (a.k.a. DJA1), is much more than just a DJ: He is an established businessman, event promoter, and musician with over 10 years vested in the Pacific Northwest music and nightlife scene.


DJA1 specializes in creating a vibrant atmosphere for dancing and socializing. A native of the Dominican Republic, he developed his love for music and using it to entertain at a young age singing and writing gospel songs with a local quartet. Upon moving to the US as a young adult, he quickly adapted to the culture and music, which only furthered his love for the art.


A true example of the American Dream, DJA1 came to the US as an immigrant, not only to eventually become an American citizen but to also emerge as a successful business owner, operating a top barbershop in Spokane and founding "Fuego," Spokane largest Latino party. 


DJA1 was introduced to the art of DJing and controlling crowds through collaborating and networking with several local artists and producers. Transitioning from music artist to DJ was a natural progression for DJA1 as he took to the craft, spending countless hours perfecting his skills. Using his international background, he has made a mark at clubs both in the Pacific Northwest and the Dominican Republic. He even became the first DJ to mix live on the air for

local news channel KHQ.


DJA1 sets himself apart by being able to seamlessly appeal to diverse crowds of all backgrounds and musical tastes. He plays multiple genres of music ranging from Hip-Hop and Top 40 all the way to EDM or Latin.


From promoting events to bringing them to life, DJA1 has done it all, seen it all, and is willing to do whatever it takes to make memories that last.

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